Heine X-01.88.041 Equivalent 2.5v lamp

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Heine X-01.88.041 Equivalent 2.5v lamp
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Heine X-01.88.041 Equivalent 2.5v lamp

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  • Heine X-01.88.041 Equivalent 2.5v lamp


Heine X-01.88.041 Equivalent 2.5v lamp For use in Heine mini Fibralux, mini 2000 combi lamp, mini 2000 clip lamp. Other Refs: 01.88.041/2.5V HEINE 01.88.041/HALOGEN/2.5V HEINE 01.88.041 HEINE 01.88.041HA HEINE 041 HEINE 083 99-90111 EFFNER 99-90111 FAROMED 2000-2.5VOLT-HAL-MINI-FIBRALUX 8322 RUSCH 88041 HEINE 125109-M102-LAMPE-TYPE-HEINE-HAL041-2.5V ORBITEC 125109/2.5V ORBITEC 125109/M102/LAMPE-TYPE-HEINE-HAL041-2.5V ORBITEC 125109 ORBITEC 198019/PROPPER INTERLIGHT 198019 PROPPER 199036/2.5V/0.28A PROPPER 199036/2.5V PROPPER 199036/2.5VOLT/0.28AMP PROPPER 199036/PROPPER INTERLIGHT 199036 BULB-DIRECT 199036 PROPPER 199407/2.5V/0.4A PROPPER 199407/2.5VOLT/0.4AMP PROPPER 199407/PROPPER INTERLIGHT 199407 BULB-DIRECT 199407 PROPPER 9990111 EFFNER BW-HEX0188041 CL1721 CARLEY-LAMPS FIBRALUX HEINE H/2.5V/1W/CL/X0188041HAL DONSBULBS H/2.5V/1W/CL X0188041HAL DONSBULBS H/2.5V/1W/X0188041HAL DONSBULBS H109 HYBEC HEX0188041 LAMPE-TYPE-HEINE-2.5V-HAL041/M102/125109 ORBITEC LAMPE-TYPE-HEINE-HAL041-2.5V ORBITEC LARYNGOSCOPE PROPPER LM-20 PROPPER LM-22 PROPPER M-102-LAMPE-TYPE-HEINE-HAL041-2.5V ORBITEC M-102/LAMPE-TYPE-HEINE-HAL041-2.5V ORBITEC M-102 ORBITEC M102-LAMPE-TYPE-HEINE-HAL041-2.5V ORBITEC M102/2.5V ORBITEC M102/LAMPE-TYPE-HEINE-HAL041-2.5V ORBITEC M102 ORBITEC MHX01.88.041 BAILEY MHX01.88.041HA BAILEY MINI-2000 HEINE OTOSCOPE-LARGE-8-32 X-01-88-041-2.5VOLT-HAL HEINE X-01-88-041-HAL-2.5VOLT HEINE X-01-88-041 HEINE X-01-88041 HEINE X-01.00.041/HEINE INTERLIGHT X-01.00.041 HEINE X-01.088.041 HEINE X-01.88041/2.5V HEINE X-01.88041/2.5VOLT HEINE X-01.88041 BULB-DIRECT X-01.88041 HEINE X-01.88.041/2.5V/0.4A/HALOGEN HEINE X-01.88.041/2.5V/HALOGEN HEINE X-01.88.041/2.5V HEINE X-01.88.041/2.5VOLT HEINE X-01.88.041/HEINE INTERLIGHT X-01.88.041 BULB-DIRECT X-01.88.041 HEINE X-0188041/2.5V HEINE X01-88-041 HEINE X01-88041 HEINE X01.00.041 HEINE X01.88041/2.5V HEINE X01.88041/2.5VOLT HEINE X01.88041 HEINE X01.88.041-2.5V-HAL HEINE X01.88.041-HALOGEN-2.5V HEINE X01.88.041/2.4V HEINE X01.88.041/2.5V/0.4A/HALOGEN HEINE X01.88.041/2.5V/0.4A HEINE X01.88.041/2.5V/1W/HALOGEN HEINE X01.88.041/2.5V/HALOGEN HEINE Know a cross-reference for this bulb to add to this list? Please enter: bulb number brand of bulb X01.88.041/2.5V HEINE X01.88.041/2.5VOLT HEINE X01.88.041/HALOGEN X01.88.041 HEINE X0188041/2.5V HEINE X0188041 HEINE X0188041HAL DONSBULBS XHL-035 CANIMPEX XHL-035 MICROLITES XHL-041 CANIMPEX XHL-041 MICROLITES XHL035 CANIMPEX XHL035 MICROLITES XHL041 CANIMPEX XHL041 MICROLITES XO-188041 XO188041 X.01.088.041/2.4V-OTOSCOPE-HEINE LAMPTECH X.01.088.041 LAMPTECH

Additional Information

Product Code L171E
Average Life No
Volts 2.5
Watts No
Base Push fit
Amps No
Colour temperature No
Lumens No

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